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Florence RV & Automotive Specialist has assisted their clients in locating and selling their RVs, Automobiles and Marine Craft from this location for more than 35 years.

Img 4060What started out as a simple courtesy to our clients grew into a full time business of it’s own. Today we maintain an average of 25 vehicles for sale year around.

Our goal is simple, we secure the best price possible for both our sellers and our buyers, and manage to earn a small margin of profit for ourselves in the midst of that for our services.

We do not charge any flat rate consignment fees, or added advertising fees or a set percentage of the final sales price, although we understand why other outlets do.

We simply come to an agreement on howmuch you will be paid upon the sale of your vehicle, if it needs any repairs those repairs can either be made in advance of listing it for sale, or in some instances will be provided upon the sale and  deducted from the amount due at that time.

While we do not provide any warranties with the items we consign for sale, occasionally merchandise may still have some transferable warranty coverage, we will assist and direct our buyers with whatever direction and instructions we can.


We can and will at the request and Img 4067authorization of a prospective buyer, complete a Pre-Delivery-purchase-Inspection on vehicles sold. This inspection may help to identify any issues, and help insure that everything is in good working order when the new owner takes possession.

If you see anything of interest and would like additional information or further clarification of the information provided please feel free to either call us at (541) 997-8287, and leave a voice message if we are able to answer your call.

Address 4390 US-101, Florence, OR 97439
Service & Repair Phone: 541-997-8287
AAA Towing Services: 541-997-2415
Consignment Sales Phone: 541-997-8287

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:00

AAA Members please call the authorization number on the reverse side of your card and your AAA assistant will make all necessary arrangements with us for you.