Thank you for your time and considerations of what many will consider to be an excellent business ownership opportunity. As you read through the following pages you will agree that this is a unique and highly profitable business opportunity for the right individual or individuals.

As you will see this is a very uncommon property that possesses a multitude of possibilities. What is being presented to you is based on verifiable documented facts and figures and carefulness not to exaggerate any of its future possibilities or current standings.

I do want to help you appreciate the full potential of this property. Its unique location benefits it with residential, commercial and industrial use possibilities which can be mixed or matched. That is a highly unusual combination of zoning rights that will allow its owner to uncap endless business possibilities. Many of which are already in play on this property and many others that could easily be incorporated with proper manpower and financial resources to innate them into being.

I will over the course of this presentation discuss the details of this business’s location and the city of Florence, Oregon. Those details are critical to the overall understanding of this businesses current value, and potential for increasing value in the future.

These details also provide insight and wisdom regarding the many possibilities that this business property possesses, in the hands of an entrepreneurial motivated person, with ambitions to explore its many possibilities.

The present owner has achieved many great things in its development to date, but time is not on his side as his retirement age is rapidly approaching, and it is his intentions to do so at as early an age as is feasibly, much will remain for its next torchbearer to explore and establish in its future.

It is time to pass the reins on over to someone with the time and resources to not only continue and further refine the many business services that are already offered here, but to also research and deploy additional branches of services, that like the existing ones, work hand in hand to complement each other, and further build the value and wealth earning capabilities of this property.

4 Acres of prime Highway 101 frontage on the Central Oregon Coast, putting it at the very heart of “RV Alley”, the most highly traveled, per capita US Highways in America, with RV travelers making their way up and down the Western Seaboard between Canada and Mexico.

At present this business is being run at only a fraction of its full and actual potential, with the zoning, the available building structure, property layout, it could easily incorporate many of the associated automotive and RV related services that are currently being taken elsewhere.

  • At present Florence RV & Automotive provides the following services:
  • RV Mechanical Repair
  • Automotive Repair
  • U-Haul Dealership
  • Towing & lockout Service
  • Mobile Repair
  • Consignment RV and Auto Sales
  • Unsecured RV & Auto Storage Yard
  • Impoundments Locked Yard
  • Propane Fueling Depot

Sounds great doesn’t it? You have not even scratched the surface of what this property is capable of in the delivery of related services. It should be, given its client base, its location, not only within the state, but also within the Highway 101 corridor, as it runs from Canada to Mexico, which is a buzz, with retired senior citizens, many making their way south for the winter, and then north for the summer, each year.

Hands down, considered the most beautiful and scenic drive, there is along the Oregon Pacific Coast. In addition to all of this traffic, one even greater source of transient traffic stems from the fact that Florence, Oregon is a long time, well established vacation destination.

From spring through fall, our hotels, motels, campgrounds, RV parks are jam packed. Highway 101 looks like rush hour in any metropolitan city for most of those months. Cars, pickups, SUVs, Motorcycles, boats; if it has motors and wheels it’s coming to the Oregon coast.

Florence is also home to the largest natural sand dune formation in the United States, and makes way for lots of off road riding for just about anything that will stay upright (most of the time) in the sand, three wheelers, four wheelers, dune buggies, sand rails, quads, motorcycles. This provides for plenty of parts and labor to anyone in the community that can get them back up and running again.

It wouldn’t take too much imagination nor would it take too many dollars, to transition the structure into one that was capable of producing four or five times more annual income than it is under its current management.

I do not take away from the efforts of the properties current owner, he has made great strides since the time that he took possession of this property, but the time has come when for him to pass the torch on to someone younger with the physical, mental and monetary resources to take it to the next level and continue to build upon the foundations already laid by the current management.

There is little doubt that with proper management and qualified technicians and other key role personnel and placements this property carries the potential to earn well in to seven figures per year, leaving a generous personal income for the owner or investors.

Florence, Oregon in and of itself is a little coastal community for about 3 or 4 months of the year, it is primarily populated (70 plus percent) by retired seniors, a great deal of which own RVs and most drive, therefore requiring many of the year round services that your company could provide.

This base of income, once earned, becomes a steady and reliable stream of funding. During the other 8 or 9 months of the year, there is a steady stream of RVs, boats, motorcycles, quads, and just about anything else you can imagine that is mobile and has a motor, running up and down Highway 101.

Florence RV & Automotive had the foresight, very early on, to implement the use of the Internet. Their well-maintained website has proven to be a compass and a magnet for road travelers who are in need of any of the services they offer.

More than seventy percent of all RV’s now have an internet capable device on board, from a desktop computer system down to a cell phone, and they have learned to use it when they are in need of services. With a quick search of the web looking for references like Oregon Coast RV Repair, they are on the cell phone to us, informing us of their situation, and making sure that we are prepared to assist them upon their arrival or if need be we are in route to them, depending upon the situation at hand.

Located at the heart of the central Oregon coast is a big hand up in the development of an all-inclusive RV service center, being visually located in the center of the town business center doesn’t hurt either.

With Napa Auto Parts as your next door neighbor to the north and Bi-Mart to the south, you have a steady flow of traffic from the local community residents as well. It doesn’t stop there, within a stone’s throw is Fred Meyers, Les Schwab Tires, and Potters Tires, and a whole host of new startup businesses running north and south on Hwy 101.

I think upon review of the following pages you will agree as I have concurred, that this is a “once in a lifetime business opportunity” for the right individual or individuals.

To inquire further about this property and business opportunity please contact Jim Housley, the owner, directly at 541-997-8287.

Cost and Conditions

We have dedicated some pages of our site to telling you about the fantastic business opportunity that awaits you here in Florence, Oregon. We have presented all of the current and even the potential uses that this property has.

In the not too distant past this property and its businesses was appraised at 3.5 million dollars, this was during the real estate balloon period when property prices were inflated but even in that market it was considered to be a conservative sales price, given it’s location, being zoned both residential and commercial and its then current business operations which have grown since that time with the assumption of the U-Haul franchise and other enterprises.

We realize that we are living in a much more conserviative economy today than we were a few short years ago and that property prices have taken a tremendous beating. We will take ours right along with everyone else. We have reassessed our community real estate marketplace both residential and commercial and have concluded that our business as it stands today could be sold for $2,500,000.00.

We are motivated to sell and would like to not have to involve the traditional real estate representation who generally does little more than what we can do ourselves and will save both you as the buyer and us as the seller, many dollars in this transaction. It’s common sense that I we have to pay a percentage of the sale total to the real estate company that we would have to raise the asking price of our property to offset those losses, our thought processing is why not just past that savings on to you in the way of a lesser asking price for our property.

We also have a unique financing opportunity we would like to extend to the right buyer. As we have explained in our presentation, Florence RV is a business that has been owned and developed for nearly a quarter century by Jim Housley, the owner. Jim is selling this business to afford a comfortable retirement for his wife and himself. There is a segment of the asking price that Jim is willing to carry the paper on himself, giving the buyer identical or better terms than the banks can offer. Of the 2.5 million asking price Jim would like to see the buyer produce $700,000.00 in cash and he will carry the balance of $1,800,000.00 on a private contract.


This scenario will hopefully make it easier for the new owner/s to assume ownership of the business. If you would like to pay in full that is also fine, the preceding offer was presented as a way of making this sale possible under conditions wherein the lending institutions were not willing or able to produce the needed funding to you.

We are of course willing to listen to all offers, if you are interested in examining this property and business opportunity further, we ask that you contact our sales representative Scott Todd, you may reach him at 541-902-0150 or Tuesday through Saturday 1:00 to 6:00 at our Consignment facility located at 4390 Hwy 101 North, Florence, Oregon.

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