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Class A – Diesel / Florence, OR

I want to put the best face on everything we sell here at Florence RV Consignment, but if you have read our listings you already know that have a reputation for being straight shooters, with our sellers and our buyers. 

I’m going on 17 years as the sales manager here, and I’ve had a lot of RV’s come and go over that span of time. 

The Monaco and Beaver Motor homes have always been regarded as the very top of the Class A Diesel Motorhome market, and with Monaco buying Beaver out, they now hold their hard earned and well deserved place at the top of the heap as the saying goes. 

On a side note Monaco did also take over the construction of all Holiday Ramblers starting back in 2002, so when you are looking at Class A diesel pusher motorhomes, you may want to keep that tidbit in the back of your mind. 

They are built in Monaco factories by Monaco technicians and with the same quality parts and materials that Monaco RVs are assembled with. 

This 1996 Monaco Dynasty is listed as a Duchess series, based on the matching floor plan, but in speaking with Monaco directly they insist that a 1996 Monaco Dynasty is a Dynasty and nothing else, so you have been informed as we have been.

The sellers have put in a finished wood floor in the living room area, and tiled the kitchen, dining room and bathroom areas as well. 

There is a little bit of finish trim work to do at the immediate entry area around the steps, but that will be completed by weeks end and is hardly work mentioning. 

Everything has been gone through and checked out, and verified as being in good working condition. 

There is an All In One Washer/Dryer unit that is vented outside the RV so there are no moisture issue as some will attest to that have owned the same. 

The seller stated that they could wash the bedding in one wash and dry, and that it would be completely dry after two dry cycles. 

There are no slide outs, but this is the Wide Body Edition, that has almost the same floor space, as the other models that did have slides in this year. 

I’ve driven other Wide Body motorhomes (i.e. BlueBird Wanderlodge) which while handling like a dream, intimidated me a little with its size, this 1996 WB Monaco Dynasty, does not intimidate me in the least by it’s width. 

It is not obnoxiously wider than a standard Class A Motorhome. It feels and handles like any other Class A diesel pusher motorhome. 

I took a lot of photos of the interior and also created a video of the interior that I’ll try and share with this listing or at very least create a shortcut to it from the listing so that you can truly get a feel for the true quality of this motorhome. https://youtu.be/gBaQIHFu8eQ

The cabinets, closets, drawers and cupboards are all wood, no cheap pressboard and vinyl sheeting. Every inch of this interior smacks of quality materials and construction. 

Corian Counter Tops, with Stove Top and Sink Top Custom Covers, Stainless Steel Microwave/Convection Oven, Dometic 3 Way Double Wide Refrigerator/Freezer with Ice Maker. 

There is a Winegard Motorized Satellite System, and a DVDRW and VHSRW all in one unit for playing and recording videos in either format or from one to another, as well as downloading programing from multiple video sources and saving them to DVD, CD or VCR Tape. 

The ride is smooth, the steering also very smooth and responsive, no drifting around in windy conditions and really holds to the road well. It has all the Steering Stabilization and enhancement packages installed. 

The Wheels, Tires, and Supporting Drive Train Structure is in very good condition with preventive maintenance provided by it’s owners attributed to it’s condition at the point of sale. 

The 300HP Cummins Power Plant complete with a superior Monaco Factory installed Turbo system, that provides plenty of power, for traveling anywhere in the country, and easily maintaining the posted speeds along the way. 

The engine coupled with the Allison 6 Speed Automatic Transmission, will hold it’s own traversing up and down steep long mountain grades. 

There is a Kubota Diesel Generator that runs perfectly and provides more that adequate power resources for boondocking. 

There is lots of basement space, with a full slide through cargo hold, making loading and unloading quick and simple. 

The tires are in excellent condition, recently purchased with few miles of road travel on them. This motorhome is roadworthy and trustworthy, and has many years of great road adventures remaining in it. 

If you are not already sold on the Monaco series, take a few minutes to educate yourself and read through the thousands of owner reviews, it won’t take you long to figure out why they hold their value in a market where many other manufactures do not. A Monaco is always a good investment on so many levels. 

Please feel free to call or text message me at 541-991-2001, for more information or to discuss it’s purchase. I do screen my phone for messages often and will respond promptly.


Vehicle 38ft Wide Body Class A Diesel Pusher
Price $39,995 Or Best Offer
Miles n/a
Transmission Allison 6 speed Auto
Drive Type Cummins 300 Diesel


Year 1996
Make Monaco
Model Dynasty
Vehicle 38ft Wide Body Class A Diesel Pusher
Seats sleeps 6
Doors 1 & emergency kickout
Drive Type Cummins 300 Diesel
Transmission Type Allison 6 speed Auto
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Economy City (l/100km) Florence
Fuel Capacity (l): Florence