2000 Winnebago VW Audi Rialta Class B Motorhome SOLD ;)

$20,995 Or Best Offer

The Winnebago Rialta is a collaborative effort between VW and Winnebago engineering, looking to build a fuel efficient motorhome at a a time in history when fuel prices made this a popular and much sought after RV option 

VW owning the Audie Motors Corporation, turned this project over to them and they productid a 5 cylinder water cooled engine and automatic transmissions for their driver train, providing a surprisingly  robust power house that delivered on all accounts, that provided campers with a comfortable and roomy dining room,  living room and bed room when the sun goes down for the day and the campfire has lost its last flames in the night.  The Audie engine is designed to run at high RPMs and because of that climbing long grades is something the Rialta can handle withoiut 

First appearing in mid 1990s, to replace the Lasharo and to fill the American appetite for a fuel efficient motorhome.  

Owners have provided their stamps of approval by purchasing this model year after year for nearly a decade, and nearly 10,000 of them to to the roads of America, getting 20 to 24 mpg and it is believed that the majority of them are still in use, although hard to find for sale, having earned  classic collector status .

From the beginning, Winnebago pursued high attention to quality building furniture and components specific to their recreational vehicles.

Initially building travel trailers, Winnebago built their first motorhome in 1966 that eventually blossomed into a firm reputation as the choice vacation vehicle for many adventurers.

Winnebago motorhomes are sold in a more affordable Class C variety or the spacious Class A configuration. In 2008, the 400,000th Winnebago product rolled off their assembly line.


Price $20,995 Or Best Offer
Miles n/a
Color White
Registration Oregon