1988 National Mini-Dolphin Class A


This is truly a Golden Oldie, that is still in almost as good of condition as it was when it was new.  The sellers have obviously taken very good care of it during it’s stay with them. The first comment from everyone that I’ve shown it to so far, has been, “oh my, this really is in beautiful shape isn’t it?”.  The same thought I had when the owners brought it into me

It’s powered by the Chevrolet Big Block 454 engine paired up with a Turbo Glide Automatic transmission, with a 4bl carburetor that most Chevy buffs will tell you, will get 12 miles per gallon on the average no matter what you do to it.  I will go a step  further and tell you that if you keep it  under 2000 RPMs it will get an averate of 2 miles per gallon more. A Chevy drive train front to rear

It still runs solid, although its due for a tuneup, which is included with its purchase. The exterior is still in very nice shape, the photos and video provide you with an accurate assessment, we don’t Photoshop our photos or videos for that matter. We feel it’s critical that prospective buyers be provided with a detailed, and accurate overview of our  listings.

In today’s marketplace folks from all over the country are scouring the internet looking for  the RV they want  at the price they want to pay for it, we do our best to price our offerings at competitive prices and to let folks know up front about any known issues that might need be addressed prior to the point of purchase, not after or when you arrive from half way across the country to  take ownership of your purchase. 

With that said we like to start our presentation by disclosing any know issues, we feel are important to any prospective buyer before we present all the things that there are to love and appreciate about it.  The sellers relayed that the original generator had very few hours of use recorded on it, but tat it would not stay running for them.  They had it removed and shipped to the manufacture and had it completely rebuilt. 

Upon its being reinstalled, it continued to present the same problems as it had previously, so they had another technician remove it and they were unable to find a solution for it.  Having sold RV’s now for going on 17 years, I  have encountered a small handful of generators that exhibit the same symptoms, and in everyone of them, the final solution was to replace the generator with a new one or a used on that had been thoroughly tested.

If a generator is important to you that is the recommendation I would make with the purchase of this motor home. Florence RV is a full service auto  and RV repair facility and can provide you with sources of purchase and installation services, at a special discounted rate, when associated with the vehicles being purchased through our Company Sales Department.

The missing Generator is the only known issue with this RV, everything else is in working condition. Every other aspect of this RV appears to be in very good condition, I have many newer motor homes in my inventory that are not in nearly as nice of condition as this one appears to be.  New and Used Onan and GenSet generators are widely available.

Internet searches find many with low hours are available from RV salvage yards, that can be shipped across country for a reasonable cost to replace the one removed from this RV. Aside of the missing generator, this classic gem has lots of open road adventures  ahead.

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Price $17,500
Miles 72,000 mi
Color White
Registration Oregon


Fuel Economy City (l/100km) Florence
Fuel Capacity (l): Florence