1986 Toyota Sunrader Nice Condition Won’t last long!

$12,000 Firm but Reduced from $17000.00

First one ever that I’ve had the privilege of selling here at Florence RV Consignment.  We have had a number of them in to be serviced but the owners are never interested in selling them, until this one,. 

It’s rare to find one that is in as good of condition as this one is.  It’s obviously been stored indoors over the years.  The seller spotted it in his neighbors driveway not too long ago, when he had rolled it out  to give it a good wash and wax, before putting it back away again. 

The two of them got to talking and the previous owner mentioned interest in selling it, due to his age, the seller, on an impulse, not fully thinking it thru, jumped at the opportunity and bought it on the spot. 

That night relaxing and talking with his wife, he realized that he had no real need for it, owning a much newer class A motorhome already. He asked us to find a home for it if we could and recoup his investment in it. 

We added it to our inventory and priced it initially trying to recoup his monies and earn a small commission for our troubles.  The buyer had paid $13000.00 to the Seller when he purchased it, which given fair market value, was a good price, with many in this same condition are commonly priced in the high teens and low twenties. 

A week the owner of Florence RV Consignment, called me and instructed that I could drop the asking price from $17000.00 to $12000.00 in order to get it sold more quickly, that reduction in price also eliminated any commission we might have earned on its sale,

The current owner is a personal friend of our business owner who is attempting to recover most of the present owners investment.

 The present owner understands that he is not going to get as much as he’d hoped, if he wanted for it to sell more quickly. The reality of the situation is that these RVs hold their value, and in fact in recent years continue to increase their market value instead of diminishing. 

By that statement, I mean that I’m fully confident that if we waited long enough, someone who realizes the great purchase this is would gladly pay the $15000.00 asking price.  I also know that someone else will jump on it at the reduced $12000.00 selling price. 

As an overall view of the RV, the drive train has low miles, on it, the 6 cylinder Toyota engine provides more than ample power for crossing over any kind of terrain, without mountain passes slowing it down.  It’s setup with a tow package so you could tow a small trailer without any trouble either. 

Inside you find a queen size overhead bed, the dining booth that also serves as a living room area, breaks down in to a spacious sleeping area as well. The kitchen is complete with propane stovetop, sink with hot and cold running water, drawer and cupboard space, and a microwave oven. 

A wet bath (all in one toilet, sink and shower) provides plenty of space for folks to take a shower, complete with a floor drain, blackwater, greywater, and freshwater tanks, with hookups for septic, freshwater, cable, telephone service, and 30 amp power.

There is an Onan Generator with low hours that delivers all the 110 power you need.  The interior and exterior of the RV is in very good condition. The tires are all newly replaced.  

If you have been looking for this RV priced fairly and affordably this may be just the one for you.  Give us a call 541-991-2001, or email message us consignment@florencerv.com  



Price $12,000 Firm but Reduced from $17000.00
Miles n/a