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To access your listings type “ in your web browser. You will be challenged to login, the Username is frvadmin  password is  FRVC5419978287

that will bring you to your editing dashboard area, look down the lefthand side of the page and you;ll see Listings, click on Listings,and then click on the additional test link Listings again, that will bring up your existing  listings meno, that  you can either choose to edit an existing Listing, by hovering your mouse cursor over the listing info of the RV you want to edit, and then clicking on edit, when it is visible,  or create a new listing by clicking on the New Listing  button at the top of the page.  Once you have finished be sure to  scroll down to the bottom of the pages and click on Update…to save your work. 

You can see at the bottom of the page where you can add photos, you can upload them directly from your iPhone if your editing with it, and I would recommend it if yuu can adapt to it.   You can also include a video by placing your cursor at the top of this area, and clicking on Add Media button up above… when you have taken a video you need to create a account, and upload it to your Library there.  and save it, then once uploaded you can generate a share link that you will copy and paste using the Add Media button up above this editing area on the listings page,  Place your cursor up above your text so that the video appears there when you save your listings.  

you will see on the right hand sided of the listings fields that you will want to fill in, price, make model year and other information that may apply.  if  it doesnt leave it blank. Make notes where you are unclear or have problem and send them to me and I’ll try and do my best to coach you through.

Its only complicated the first few tries once you get the hang of it, it goes a lot faster. Important to remember that once you are finished updating or editing remember to save then exit. Don’t mess with anything else please,  you’ll likely just crash your website. 


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