Florence RV and Automotive Specialist has maintained a towing service as part of their complement from the onset. Today we have three tow vehicles in our small fleet, two roller backs and one traditional tow truck.

We do not tow vehicles who have traveled off the main roads and byways, most specifically out on to the Dunes or backup in the mountains on dirt roads.

We are on call with all of our law enforcement agencies, i.e. Oregon State Patrol, Lane County Sheriffs Department and Florence Police Department. We are also a Certified AAA Towing Service in this area.

We work with numerous Insurance Providers and will be happy to assist you in securing reimbursement for our services when its appropriate.

Our Operators are on stand by 24/7/365 waiting to service your needs. Call 541-997-2415 or if you are covered by AAA please call them first and they will contact us with your request.



Auto & RV Repair: 541-997-8287
Towing & Road Side Assistance: 541-997-2415
Fax: 541-997-6532
Consignments Sales: 541-902-0741


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