Consignment Center

Consignment RV,  Motorcycle, Boats and Auto Consignment Center

At present we have a thriving consignment sales center that  moves a consistent volume of vehicle sales each year even in times of  fluxuating economic conditions. Florence is a prime retirement community that experiences a never ending stream of people who are coming here to retire, many are often times seeking some of the toys that they denied themselves during their earning careers, and have finally arrived at the time in their lives when they can  finally spend a few dollars and truly enjoy some of their retirement years.

This also has a back side in that many also, after some years of use arrive at a time when they want to part with their toys and reinvest their funds, we also assist them at that juncture in their life as well.  Our prices are based, as much as we are able to secure our consignors cooperation at or below book value. This makes us a prime choice location when you are shopping for any of the various items we consign.

Another leg of business that exist and has consistently produced income for our establishment has been our unsecured RV & Auto Storage Yard. We have very nearly two and a half acres of cared from grounds to the rear of the property that is open to fee based monthly storage space for a multitude of vehicle parking and open storage.

To inquire further about this property and business opportunity please contact Jim Housley, the owner, directly at 541-997-8287.