Cost and Conditions

We have dedicated some pages of our site to telling you about the fantastic business opportunity that awaits you here in Florence, Oregon. We have presented all of the current and even the potential uses that this property has.

In the not too distant past this property was appraised at 3.5 million dollars, this was during the real estate balloon period when property prices were inflated but even in that market it was considered to be a conservative sale price given it’s location, being zoned both residential and commercial and its then current business operations which have grown since that time with the assumption of the U-Haul franchise and other enterprises.

We realize that we are living in a much more conserviative economy today than we were a few short years ago and that property prices have taken a tremendous beating. We will take ours right along with everyone else. We have reassessed our community real estate marketplace both residential and commercial and have concluded that our business as it stands today could be sold for $2,500,000.00. We are motivated to sell and would like to not have to involve the traditional real estate representation who generally does little more than what we can do ourselves and will save both you as the buyer and us as the seller, many dollars in this transaction. It’s common sense that I we have to pay a percentage of the sale total to the real estate company that we would have to raise the asking price of our property to offset those losses, our thought processing is why not just past that savings on to you in the way of a lesser asking price for our property.

We also have a unique financing opportunity we would like to extend to the right buyer. As we have explained in our presentation, Florence RV is a business that has been owned and developed for nearly a quarter century by Jim Housley, the owner. Jim is selling this business to afford a comfortable retirement for his wife and himself. There is a segment of the asking price that Jim is willing to carry the paper on himself, giving the buyer identical or better terms than the banks can offer. Of the 2.5 million asking price Jim would like to see the buyer produce $700,000.00 in cash and he will carry the balance of $1,800,000.00 on a private contract.

This scenario will hopefully make it easier for the new owner/s to assume ownership of the business. If you would like to pay in full that is also fine, the preceding offer was presented as a way of making this sale possible under conditions wherein the lending institutions were not willing or able to produce the needed funding to you.

We are of course willing to listen to all offers, if you are interested in examining this property and business opportunity further, we ask that you contact our sales representative Scott Todd, you may reach him at 541-902-0150 or Tuesday through Saturday 1:00 to 6:00 at our Consignment facility located at 4390 Hwy 101 North, Florence, Oregon.