Customer Comments

Florence RV has been offering quality RV and automotive repair and consignment sales services at its Florence, Oregon location for very nearly a quarter of a century. We like to think that the reason we are still in business  here is that we have worked hard to earn our customers trust and that retaining that trust over these many years by consistently delivering the very best products and services to those clients each time they turn to us for our products and services has been at the very core of our overall success as a business.

We would like to invite you to share your experiences with potential new customers.  A few short lines or a detailed overview of an experience, All that you need to do is register with our site and then submit you’re comments. To prevent  Spam and abuse of our system we will review all comments prior to posting them We encourage open and honest commenting but do need to insure that no obsenities are posted to our website, which is open to the general public, women and children included.