“Consign Your RV for Free”

Sell it for free!!! no charges to you when  we sell your vehicle for you FOR FREE. We will set down and help you to establish a fair price that you should receive for your vehicle and then you leave the rest up to us. Once it sells you will receive a check for the total amount you agreed to sell it for within 10 working days. That’s it, no hidden agendas, no added fees. Our commission is the difference between what you are asking for your vehicle and what we are able to sell it for.

Our consignment mark up is very modest and does not allow much leeway for negotiations. If a potential buyer should make an offer that is below the asking price but is considered worthy of consideration, we will, at your request, notify you and let you make the determination.

We are honest hardworking professional salesmen/women, who take pride in our trade. There are no high pressure sales tactics being employed in our dealings with the public.

Of course we are motivated, even anxious to send clients home with the RV they are looking for, and at a fair and reasonable price.  We earn our business the good old-fashioned way. with friendly and honest conversation, wherein we relay all the information necessary to transform a looker into a buyer.

If you have an RV you would like to sell, please call me , Scott Todd @ 541-991-2001 or 541-902-0741. Our office hours are Monday through Saturday 8:00 – 6:00. You may also contact us via email: consignments@florencerv.com  .


Auto & RV Repair: 541-997-8287

Towing: 541-997-2415

Fax: 541-997-6532

Consignments: 541-902-0741

You can also call and leave a voice or text message with our Sales Manger, Scott Todd at: 541-991-2001,  or our Sales Assistant Jim Adkisson at: 541-902-0741.